The Stepping Saints have performed at many places in it’s 42 year history and won many awards. Here are just a few:

3 Times at Walt Disney World ( Most recently during the Disney 100 year celebration in 2002)

Twice at Disneyland

Worlds Fair in New Orleans, LA

Worlds Fair in Vancouver, B.C.

Many National Shriner Conventions

Omaha Beef Arena Football Games

The Stepping Saints have perfomed eight times throughout the years in the Marin Luther King Day Parade in Las Vegas Nevada. Each time they came home with the First Place trophy.

Though not able to attend, the Saints also received invitations to perform in Mexico and as a Touring group across Canada.

In addition to the national and international marching activities, the Stepping Saints can be found marching and performing all across Nebraska for Centennial celebrations, football half-times, parades, conventions, State Fairs and amusement parks. The Salem Stepping Saints are a source of pride for the Omaha community and the State of Nebraska. The young people enjoy their work and give a good performance wherever they go.

The Stepping Saints do not charge for performances. We rely solely on donations and fund raising to pay for group travel expenses and equipment. We have sacrificed much to promote goodwill by using our training and natural talents to the GLORY OF GOD!


402-455-1000 ext. 355

Practices are held at

Salem Community Outreach Center

3120 Lake St. 

Omaha, NE 68111

Mailing address:

3131 Lake St

Omaha, NE 68111

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